Thursday, February 25, 2010

Road Trip

Tuesday I had the fortune and pleasure of going to Sacred Temple Tattoo yet again, a friend of mine was getting a Janis Joplin portrait done. I took advantage of the opportunity to pick Mr MacKay's brain during the session and it was invaluable. GOD DAMN that man is talented!! He made it look effortless. Im hoping that I can retain at least a small percentage of what I took in on that day. He is also an all around deadly cat. One of the nicest people ive met in a long time.
Oh yeah!..I even remembered my camera this time!! Heres a few pics from my mission! Take a boo

This is the waiting area of Sacred Temple Tattoo. Its a clean, quaint, comfortable little place as you can see.
Two machines were runnin the whole day. Jamie's apprentice Buddy was hard at work on a cool little custom piece he was doing.
A quick glimpse into the creation of a masterpiece.
My friend Craig was captivated by the whole experience. He had never seen a tattoo being done before and the process blew his mind.
The magician taking a quick break from his magic to summon metal demons to aid in his work!The final product. Im still beside myself after seeing this come together before my eyes, Jamie's talent is undeniably monsterous!
Me and the man. There is never any shortage of 'horned hand solutes' at Sacred Temple!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I did a Cobra symbol tattoo today on a forearm. The result wasnt bad. The shape looks off in this pic, but its only because of the way it wraps around his arm, trust me, its symmetrical. Thats not to say that it turned out perfect though, far from it. My lines are still not nearly as clean as I would hope. I got started on this one a little late in the day, and Im still WAAAAAY too slow. I ended up having everyone standing around waiting for me to finish so I felt rushed at the end. It looks like its all straight black, but its actually black outline with a slightly lighter grey wash fill. Also threw in some white highlights to try and give it some depth, rather than just solid black. We'll see how it heals up anyway. It was a fun piece, but I think Im a little frustrated because I know Im capable of better than I expecting too much too fast?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sacred Mission

I attended a machine tuning course that was held at Sacred Temple Tattoo today in Havre Boucher. I got to meet some very interesting and cool people, and Jamie's crew was awesome as always. Since Im so new to all of this, there was more information floating around than i knew what to do with. But I managed to learn a LOT about the machines and how they work. I met some great people, and we even had a big homecooked scoff! As always at Sacred, it was a great experience through and through. Forgot my camera again though......

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Guinea Pigs Part 3

Howdy folks, today I got tattoo # 4 under my belt. This one was some arabic script on a forearm, it means "A New Beginning". Arabic script has a real mystical look to it, I love how it flows. I liked doing this one too because this whole apprenticeship thing is, career-wise, a new beginning for me as well if I catch on. It turned out pretty solid. Definitely nice and black. My lines are still a little wobbly here and there, but it IS only my 4th tattoo. Anyway, the client was happy, so I was too!