Thursday, April 29, 2010

March of the Vikings!

Howdy folks. Havent been here in a while. Life can be unpredictable and hectic sometimes, so youll have to forgive me. Anyway, on to the goods! Today I tattooed a viking compass onto a feller's thigh. It was a wicked learning piece!! Ive been away from things too long, that much was very apparent. I learned so much from this piece, it was deadly. A few things werent so much learned as remembered, but I picked up a lot of new tricks along the way too. I realize that I need to do a LOT more shaded pieces and in succession if I want to properly absorb the techniques that I discover along the way. Anyway, this piece was awesome and a hell of a lot of fun!! And let me just say that the recipient was one of the cooler clients Ive had the pleasure of tattooing, a deadly cat for sure!
Does anybody else want any viking-related tats? Im all about it!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New School

Finished another portrait today. A friends daughter. Turned out pretty slick. We have a new scanner at the shop now, and I personally think it sucks, it makes everything look really grainy and even loses certain tones and shit. Ah well, whaddya gonna do?