Saturday, March 27, 2010

For The Horde!!

Howdy folks! I took on a pretty big piece today. I did a shield with the Horde standard on it. Its from World of Warcraft. This was an EXCELLENT learning piece for shading, something that I havent done much of yet. I had fun doing this piece, and Im pretty happy with it. I am still extremely slow, and ran out of time as a result. I could have easily put in another 2 hours of work into this tat. Shading is very tough, getting things to look smooth is no easy task. And keeping track and understanding my ink washes can be rather confusing. Nonetheless, this was a great start, I learned TONNES and eventually we're going to add color to this piece too. I hope I see more interesting pieces like this come my way!


  1. WOOT!!! FOR THE HORDE!!! Awesome job!!!

  2. as a die hard WoW fan , I love this!! haha