Saturday, November 14, 2009

Billie Jean

Did another pigskin today. I wanted to try filling in something solid black. Tribal doesnt interest me much, so after a bit of google searching I came across this silloutte of MJ, and I thought it was great so I gave it a try. Im sorta happy with how it turned out I guess, its not as clean as I would have liked, but its just a part of the learning process I suppose. Just shows me how much I still have to learn in order to have a basic grasp of things. And besides, the little white pig hair stubble makes it look like theres way more mistakes than there really is. HAH HAH
Anyway, it really is completely different than drawing with any other medium. I can see that this is gonna take a while.
People always told me be careful what you do
and dont go around breaking young girls hearts..


  1. Hey Man, Great work!
    I concur--the tribal stuff has been overdone to death--it's tired and souless--
    But, the silouettes could allow for a alot of strong imagery--
    Keep it up--Can't wait to see more tatts!

  2. Hey Cliff, nice blog!
    I was just talking with Sean and he gave me your blog address. Great work on the portraits!
    It must be pretty freaky drawing on bodyless skin that's just stretched out on a table.