Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I had some time to draw for myself over the weekend, so I decided I would draw a known person that most of you would recognize. Maybe an athlete, an actor, somebody famous I suppose. But who...
Ive been thinking about vampires a lot lately, its hard not to, they are more mainstream than ever. Vampire this, vampire that, theyre everywhere. Everybody loves vampires. Its kind of annoying. I thought about drawing one, but I usually find them kind of stupid, and maybe even a bit gay (not that theres anything wrong with that). So anyway, I decided instead to try to depict what I consider to be a real-life vampire. Oh yes, there is such thing as real vampires!
And theres nobody in sports today that entertains me like Tyson does. Surely you will all recognize him. So I killed two birds with one stone here.

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