Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Finally! An update! I have a few portraits to show you, but there are a couple I cant post as well. There is one portrait that I delivered a bit late and didnt have the chance to scan it, so I'll have to get that one up at a later time when i manage to get a scan. But anyway, heres the rest.
First there is my friend Mark's daughter. She quite possibly has the cutest smile on the planet, in a hilarious kinda way. He had me do 3 pics of her at different ages. They were quite the challenge. However I was pretty happy with the results.
A toothless smile is pretty challenging, but I think it worked out ok.

I realize that I have a hard time with light hair. The lighter the hair, the harder it is for me to capture. A weakness I'll have to work on.

HAH HAH!! Look at that smile!! I love it!

I also did my friend Greg's grandparents. His grandpa has a gentle smile. I bet theyre really nice people.


  1. Crap dude you've got maadddd skillz!
    Ps. Love the Billy Jean too.... sweeetness indeed!

  2. thanks a lot folks! i really appreciate the feedback!

  3. Amazing stuff Cliff!!! Really love the teeth in the third one. The vampire Don King is incredible too. Don't know if you saw the tyson book I did. It was drawings of all the bums he knocked out in 85. here's the link..

    there's a link at the bottom of the post to preview the whole book.