Saturday, January 30, 2010

Guinea Pigs Part 2...or is it?

I guess technically its Part 3, or its my 3rd tattoo at least. Whatever the case, I did my 3rd tattoo today! I tattooed the tribal "S" logo from the band Sepultura on a friend's calve, and I attemped the 'engraved' approach again. Im pretty happy with how it turned out. This piece was EXCELLENT for learning. It was the kind of thing that taught me more than I could absorb at once. Im stunned at how much subtlety there is to this art. It seems that every time I learn a little bit more, I also realize there are mountains and mountains of things to get the hang of before I can consider myself even remotely skilled. My speed is ridiculously slow too, I feel like I need 3 days to really do what I want to do in a piece this big. I think Im gonna pull the reins back a bit and tackle some smaller designs.

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