Saturday, February 20, 2010


I did a Cobra symbol tattoo today on a forearm. The result wasnt bad. The shape looks off in this pic, but its only because of the way it wraps around his arm, trust me, its symmetrical. Thats not to say that it turned out perfect though, far from it. My lines are still not nearly as clean as I would hope. I got started on this one a little late in the day, and Im still WAAAAAY too slow. I ended up having everyone standing around waiting for me to finish so I felt rushed at the end. It looks like its all straight black, but its actually black outline with a slightly lighter grey wash fill. Also threw in some white highlights to try and give it some depth, rather than just solid black. We'll see how it heals up anyway. It was a fun piece, but I think Im a little frustrated because I know Im capable of better than I expecting too much too fast?


  1. Hey there! I thin your work is going great! Can't believe you just started, but I think you just have high expectations of yourself right now. I mean you ARE an amazing artist.. I don't think it's bad that your expectations are high, I think that's what will make you an AMAZING tattoo artist in the end! Everyone will want your work because you won't settle for anything less than YOUR STANDARD :) Good Luck! Thanks for the Gratitude symbol :)

  2. I meant to say I Think* your work is great! Not.. thin.. LOL lol